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Creating more thriving forests

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Our planet depends on forests

They maintain climate and rainfall patterns, store carbon and provide a home to most of the Earth’s land-based biodiversity.

For over a decade, we have led the industry in sustainable sourcing of liquid packaging board, the main raw material in our packs, through FSC™ certification. Now, we are going even further on The Way Beyond Good.

Not only will we continue to protect 100% of the sustainable forests that supply the wood fibres we need to make SIG packs now and in future, but by 2030 we will also create, restore, protect or improve the management of an additional 650,000 hectares of biodiverse sustainable forest area. That’s the equivalent forest area needed to produce all the packs we made in 2020 all over again.



of the liquid packaging board for our aseptic packs is procured with FSC™ certification

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of additional forests to be created, restored, protected or improved by 2030

Pioneering partnership

In a major new partnership, SIG is joining forces with WWF Switzerland to invest directly in field projects to protect, restore or improve thousands of hectares of forests, with a strong focus on enhancing our positive impact on biodiversity.

Over the next five years, we will work together to help build resilient forest ecosystems globally by strengthening and expanding sustainable forest management, protection and landscape restoration.

We have also joined WWF’s Forests Forward programme, publicly committing to a series of actions designed to scale up our impact by engaging with suppliers, customers and others to boost the industry’s commitment to sustainable forestry and contribute to global goals.

Thomas Vellacott – Chief Executive Officer, WWF Switzerland (portrait)

“SIG’s strong commitment on thriving forests aligns well with our Forests Forward vision. Our new partnership will enable us to work together to deliver targeted support for at-risk forests in biodiversity hotspots and deforestation fronts. These projects will help forests thrive, together with the wildlife and people who depend on them.”

Thomas Vellacott Chief Executive Officer, WWF Switzerland
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Restoring forest ecosystems in Mexico

Our first project on the ground with WWF Switzerland will help support some of Mexico’s richest natural landscapes. The Central Pacific Landscape on the country’s western coast holds key ecosystems and biodiversity and provides a critical corridor for jaguars to move across forest and mangrove habitats.

Through Forests Forward, SIG and WWF will work with local communities to improve the management of 100,000 hectares of forest landscape and restore 750 hectares of degraded forest.

The project will help secure threatened ecosystems, promote sustainable productive practices, and support habitable conditions in productive areas, as well as allowing jaguars and other wildlife to move through them.

Mexico map – sketch (illustration)
image of a lepard (photo)
© WWF, Nick Hawkins

Leading the industry on sustainable forestry

Our pioneering partnership with WWF reinforces SIG’s bold Forest+ ambition and leadership within the beverage carton industry. We have a strong commitment to FSC™ certification and all the liquid packaging board for our aseptic cartons is procured with FSC™ certification – one of many industry firsts for SIG on forests. See Forest+ for more on our Forest+ commitments and progress.

Kim Carstensen – Director General, Forest Stewardship Council (portrait)

“SIG is a good example of going Way Beyond Good. They have led the industry in terms of getting FSC™ certification of their products. Already in 2009, they had worldwide Chain of Custody certification and since 2021 they have 100% of their liquid packaging material FSC™-certified. This is impressive and, I think, a very good example for the rest of the industry.”

Kim Carstensen Director General, Forest Stewardship Council


First in the industry to establish FSC™ Chain of Custody certification at all the paper mills we source from and all our production plants, procurement and sales units

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First to introduce the FSC™ label in high volumes for dairy and non-carbonated soft drink cartons – in Germany in 2009, China in 2010 and Thailand in 2011


First aseptic carton provider to enable customers to include the FSC™ label on any of our packs


Helped launch the FSC™’s Vancouver Declaration encouraging companies to pledge support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through FSC™ certification

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Passed the milestone of 100 billion SIG packs sold with FSC™ label


Set ambitious new target not only to protect the forests we source from, but to create, restore, protect or improve the management of an additional 650,000 hectares of thriving forests


First in the industry to purchase 100% of our liquid packaging board with FSC™ certification for our aseptic cartons

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Launched five-year partnership with WWF Switzerland to protect, restore or improve thousands of hectares of forests

WWF and SIG – Together supporting thriving forests (logos and claim)
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