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SIG NEO, making its debut with the innovative combivita family-size pack, is the centrepiece of SIG’s next generation platform and the world’s fastest filling machine for family-size carton packs.



25% carbon footprint reduction compared with SIG’s current generation filling machines for family-size carton packs.

Filling machine  (photo)

SIG’s latest filling technology innovation puts the future needs of food and beverage producers at the forefront, optimising output while helping to minimise costs.

SIG developed SIG NEO to deliver on six core areas:

  • Profitability

    With longer production runs, shorter cleaning times, exceptionally low waste rates and increased technical efficiency, SIG NEO is designed to deliver long-term savings and a highly competitive total cost of ownership.

  • Efficiency

    • Highest speed and efficiency with output of up to 18,000 family-size packs per hour.
    • 50% higher output than current generation machines with no additional manpower needed.
    • Run cycles of 100+ hours.
    • Fully automated cleaning.
  • Quality

    • Best-in-class sterility rates with SIG’s innovative 360-degree sterilising solution.
  • Ease of use

    • Highly intuitive user interface – SIG CRUISER – operates the entire filling line end-to-end.
  • Flexibility

    • Flexible filling speed to suit production plans with 12,000, 16,000 or 18,000 packs per hour.
    • Automatic volume change in less than 10 minutes to run 500ml, 750ml or 1,000ml pack sizes.
  • Carbon footprint reduction

    • Lower carbon footprint thanks to improved waste rates and 30% lower overall utility consumption.
    • 60% water reduction.
    • 25% reduction in greenhouse gases per filled pack.
Stefan Mergel – Senior Product Manager, Equipment (photo)

“Food and beverage producers have tight deadlines and production and profitability goals, plus sustainability targets and countless KPIs to meet. To fulfil all their needs, we’ve built a world-class system that’s far more flexible and efficient than any other on the market.”

Stefan Mergel

Senior Product Manager, Equipment

Perfectly complementing SIG NEO is SIG PACER, a new fully automated sleeve magazine powered by a robotic arm that works alongside customer teams to do the heavy lifting. SIG PACER takes care of detecting, gripping and opening corrugated boxes containing carton sleeves.

Finally, SIG CRUISER completes the trio of SIG’s next generation filling technology. This new user interface (Human Machine Interface – HMI) makes the entire new filling line easy to operate. The highly intuitive SIG CRUISER enables SIG customers to easily set their complete production process and is designed to make life much easier for the operator, while reducing the need for training and experience.

LIVE IT UP WITH combivita

Alongside SIG NEO, we are launching a modern and ergonomically built pack that’s also designed to grab attention on retail shelves.



Available in 500ml, 750ml and 1,000ml, combivita has a slanted top and wider opening to ensure smooth and easy pouring.

SIG’s combivita was developed based on extensive consumer-centric research and provides a competitive edge to beverage manufacturers.

Available in three volume sizes – 500ml, 750ml and 1,000ml – combivita has a slanted top and wider opening to ensure smooth and easy pouring with SIG’s new tethered, easy open and resealable closure, truTwist. The organic curve on the back of combivita not only adds to its elegance, but also makes it easier for consumers of all ages to handle.

LIVE IT UP – ergonomically built pack (photo)
Ali Kaylan – SVP Innovation and VP Global Marketing (photo)

“The pandemic has fuelled a paradigm shift in consumer habits, including working from home and buying products in advance. As a result, the demand for convenient family-size products and packaging formats has grown exponentially.”

Ali Kaylan

SVP Innovation

Live it up with #combivita

It’s different, it’s functional, it’s eco-conscious. Our combivita package ticks all the boxes, for consumers and businesses alike. Naturally, it goes without saying that it is a real showstopper on the shelf. Being different – making a difference!

LIVE IT UP – details (photo)

We don’t have a Planet B. Going green is no longer a trend but a way of life. More and more consumers are concerned about environmental sustainability and how a product and its packaging were sourced.

The combivita carton pack has an excellent environmental footprint, with 100% of the paperboard sourced from FSC™-certified forests and 100% renewable energy used during the manufacturing process. In addition, there is the opportunity for combivita carton packs to be combined with SIG’s SIGNATURE portfolio packaging material, in which the polymers are also linked to forest-based materials.

truTwist – details (photo)