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Proposal of the Board of Directors for the appro­pri­ation of the capital con­tri­bu­tion reserve

(In CHF thousand)


As of 31 Dec. 2020


As of 31 Dec. 2019

Capital contribution reserve





Proposed dividend of CHF 0.42 per share (2019: CHF 0.38 per share) out of the capital contribution reserve





Dividends not paid on treasury shares held by the Company





Capital contribution reserve carried forward after cash dividend





Provided that the proposal of the Board of Directors is approved by the Annual General Meeting to be held on 21 April 2021, the dividend will amount to CHF 0.42 per share and is expected to be paid out of the Company’s foreign capital contribution reserve. The proposed amount of CHF 134,422.4 thousand excludes any additional shares in circulation as a result of the planned acquisition of the remaining shares in the two joint ventures in the Middle East (see notes 3.12 and 4.4). Dividends will not be paid on treasury shares.