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Brazil — expanding our customer partnerships

Over the last 15 years, our business in Brazil has expanded rapidly, helped by the construction and subsequent expansion of our factory at Curitiba. This has enabled us to be closer to our customers and to respond rapidly to their needs. We have combined our technology expertise with our strong sales force and service excellence to consistently win new customers.

Brazil map  (map)


 filling machines

installed in 2020 with two new customers in Sao Paulo and Paraná.

Early in 2020 we started placing filling machines with Shefa and Líder Alimentos, two large dairy companies in Brazil. The filling machines were installed in record time and production exceeded expectations, enabling the customers to meet strong consumer demand for milk.

Together Shefa and Líder Alimentos ordered nine filling machines and at the same time signed contracts for the supply of carton sleeves. One of the key factors enabling SIG to win these contracts was the format and volume flexibility of our system. Customers can fill a wide variety of liquid dairy products – including plain, flavoured and plant-based milks – as well as tea and juices.

Roberto Adabo – Chief Financial Officer at Shefa (portrait)

“We are very happy with our new partnership with SIG. The high flexibility and speed of the SIG filling machines, as well as low waste rates, were the main reasons for implementing this project with SIG. The partnership will help us to expand our product portfolio and to offer many more options to consumers.”

Roberto Adabo

CEO at Shefa

Placement of the filling machines commenced at the beginning of 2020. The customers chose a combination of brand new and overhauled filling machines from SIG’s existing stock. In order to speed up deployment and the start of production, three of the filling machines were overhauled locally in Brazil by SIG’s expert engineers. All nine filling machines were installed within eight months – a record achievement given the complex engineering of the filling machines and the need for flawless efficiency and sterility.

From the outset, production was significantly ahead of plan, driven by strong demand for milk during COVID-19 related lockdowns.

And it was not just demand that exceeded expectations. At SIG we undertake to deliver a high level of efficiency on our machines and we also promise that waste rates will be below a certain threshold. Our filling machines exceeded the targeted efficiency level while waste rates were well below the threshold set.

Filler Machine (photo)



It took only eight months to install all nine filling machines for both of our partners in Brazil.

Boy drinking milk (photo)
São Paulo and Paraná Through fast and efficient delivery and service, we enabled Líder Alimentos and Shefa to meet increased consumer demand for milk, which became even more important as a source of protein during lockdowns.
Lider milk package  (photo)

SIG aseptic packaging to meet increasing cus­tomer and con­sumer demand.

Shefa and Líder Alimentos are now offering their entire product ranges – from plain milk and flavoured dairy products to plant-based milks and nectars – in SIG carton packs.