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Our strategy

Our dream is to see every consumer in the world with a SIG pack in their hand and a smile on their face, every single day. This dream is at the heart of our corporate compass – a strategy made for growth. Our goal is to be the leading solution provider for the food and beverage industry, fulfilling our promise of “Excellence – Engineered. Solutions – Delivered.”

The three strategic goals in our corporate compass are to “Grow above market”, “Win at the customer” and “Foster a winning team”, accompanied by our ambition to go WAY BEYOND GOOD for people and the planet.


Grow above market

Over this challenging year, which was marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we demonstrated the resilience of our strategy and performance. We were able to grow our core business with significant new customer wins such as dairy brands Líder Alimentos and Shefa in Brazil. We also increased our share of wallet with existing customers, including a major contract for 15 aseptic filling lines at the new production site of Hochwald, one of the largest German dairy cooperatives.

We continued to grow in new and emerging segments such as plant-based dairy alternatives, protein drinks and water. And we significantly strengthened our platform for geographic growth through new customer wins in South American countries like Chile and Ecuador, the integration of Visy Cartons in Australia and New Zealand and the planned acquisition of the remaining 50% of shares in SIG Combibloc Obeikan, our joint venture in Middle East and Africa.

In 2020, sustainability proved to be a real driver for growth with new customers choosing our most sustainable packaging solutions including the paper straw, combibloc EcoPlus and SIGNATURE. Our leading environmental credentials and innovative sustainable solutions have become an ever more important decision criterion for new projects and customer pitches.



Core revenue growth at constant currency 2017–2020

Priorities for 2021 and beyond

Integrate our Middle East and Africa joint venture and leverage SIG’s full solution portfolio in the region

Ramp up commercial production at our new plant in China

Fully leverage the environmental advantages of aseptic cartons and promote our sustainable innovation portfolio


Win at the customer

In 2020, the pandemic posed many challenges in terms of health and safety, travel, supply chains and logistics. SIG is especially proud of how its worldwide operations and technical service teams performed throughout 2020. To keep up with demand, many of our plants have been operating day and night, and our service technicians have done their utmost to keep SIG filling lines running without interruption at our customers’ sites. All to ensure that our customers could provide a continuous supply of food and beverages to consumers. The letters of thanks we have received from customers testify that we were able to not only maintain but often increase the level of customer satisfaction in a very challenging year.

Our strategy for winning at the customer is underpinned by our solution-selling approach and the key customer benefits of our unique packaging and filling technology. These benefits include flexibility, speed, differentiated filling capabilities and Total Cost of Ownership, as well as sustainability. We are successfully deploying our digital service solutions to install new filling lines and maintain existing lines. Increased interest in our digital smart factory solutions is resulting in further projects with customers such as Almarai, the Middle East’s leading food and beverage manufacturer.

SIG Net Promoter Score (NPS)

SIG Net Promoter Score (NPS) (bar chart)

Priorities for 2021 and beyond

Extend our local sales and marketing in recently added countries such as India

Create more value for our customers through our SIGNATURE portfolio and sustainable solutions

Further implement our digital service, smart factory and connected pack solutions

Increase share of revenues from new countries, new segments and our sustainable innovation portfolio


Foster a winning team

We aim to create an environment where each of our approximately 5,500 employees worldwide feels free to believe in more. We believe that by fostering an inclusive culture, supporting fair and equal opportunities for everyone and creating a working environment free of biases, we enable our employees to develop their full potential and deliver outstanding service and performance. That is why, in 2020, we introduced SIG’s new employer branding with the slogan “We Believe in More”.

We want to foster a “We Believe in More” culture where people feel empowered to dream big, go above and beyond and make the impossible possible. Every innovation or achievement at SIG starts with believing. This is the driving force for us to always deliver the best solution – the perfect package – for our customers.

In 2020, we made significant progress towards our goal of becoming the best employer in our industry and beyond. In our global employee survey, we saw a significant increase in the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) from –1 in 2018 to 21 in 2020 and achieved an overall engagement level of 87%, up nine percentage points from 2018 and above the industry benchmark of 80%.

We began rolling out our new diversity and inclusion training, which is mandatory for all our leaders, and established a Diversity & Inclusion Focus Group made up of employee representatives to drive our diversity and inclusion strategy across the business. We have set ourselves the target of increasing the female-to-male ratio in leadership positions to 30%. On 1 February 2021, we welcomed the first woman to our Group Executive Board.

We also introduced an employee share ownership plan in 2020 to further align employee interests with those of our shareholders.

eNPS 2018–2020

eNPS 2018 – 2020 (bar chart)

Priorities for 2021 and beyond

Roll out our diversity and inclusion programmes and training

Promote our new employer branding and foster a ‘We Believe in More’ culture at SIG

Further advance our talent and succession management

Implement the second phase of our transformational leadership training



Our vision is to create a net positive, regenerative food packaging system that gives more to people and the planet than it takes out. We want our packs to become like trees – making the world a better place.

We started developing fully recyclable carton packs made mostly from renewable materials many years ago. These are part of a highly efficient and versatile packaging system that cuts food loss and gives customers all the options to meet fast-changing consumer needs. Five years ago, we committed to becoming a net positive company by giving more to the world than we take out and going WAY BEYOND GOOD.

Today, we have embedded sustainability at the heart of our business and are driving systemic change to become a net positive business.

In 2020, we continued to deliver the most sustainable solutions to our customers. We offer ASI-certified aluminium for all SIG packs in Europe as standard, and it is available in other regions as well. We have sold over 150 million packs featuring SIGNATURE, the world’s first aseptic carton packaging material linked up to 100% to renewable, forest-based materials. And new customers in Europe and South America have opted for our paper straw solutions, the first for aseptic carton packs.

Carbon footprint reduction (pie chart)
up to 58% carbon footprint reduction with our sustainable innovations vs. a standard 1-litre SIG pack

Priorities for 2021 and beyond

Bring our vision of a net positive, regenerative food packaging system closer to reality with four far-reaching actions:

FOREST POSITIVE: working with others to greatly expand sustainable forestry

CLIMATE POSITIVE: combining sustainable innovation with our Forest Positive actions to turn our packaging into a carbon sink that stores more carbon than it emits

RESOURCE POSITIVE: making all packs from renewable or recycled materials using renewable energy and making sure every carton is recycled

FOOD POSITIVE: continuing to innovate and work with partners to deliver safe nutrition and hydration to more people